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Grindstaff Fitness
Personal Training
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What types of clients do you work with?
We work with people of all ages and backgrounds.  We have worked with a variety of clients and understand each individual person's needs.  We have trained everyone from beginners to collegiate athletes and children to seniors.
Are all personal training certifications equal?
No, it is important for you to know the requirements for a personal to become a personal trainer with a certain organization.  The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) offers the only fitness-related certifications to earn national accreditation from the National Commission for Certifying Agencies.  The NSCA also follows stringent standards for continuing education and recertification.  Also see the research page for additional information.
What are the benefits of having a personal trainer?
A personal trainer can help you to achieve your goals with a well directed plan.  Other benefits may include individualized attention, accountability, consistency, external motivation, and a gateway to healthcare resource network.  Research has shown people who have a directly supervised exercise program achieved better gains versus a person with an unsupervised program.  Also see the research page for additional information.
What if I have a certain medical condition, can I still exercise?
There are many medical conditions which cause a person to believe they cannot exercise.  This is why it becomes critically important to have a professional working with you who has an academic understanding of your specific medical condition and any complications that may arise as a result of exercise.
What are your rates?
$45-85 single hour session
$75-125 single home hour session (depending on location)
Do you offer package rates?
Yes, please contact us for multiple session incentives
Do you offer group rates?
Yes, there is a discount when two or more individuals train.  The rate for would be $90-120 for a single hour group session in-home.
Where do you train?
We train in Charlottesville at the Medfit Wellness Center.   In home training is available in the Charlottesville and Knoxville areas.  E-Mail consultations are available nationwide.
Are your personal trainers CPR certified?
Yes, as part of continuing education for our certifications it is mandatory we keep our CPR certification current.
How can I contact you?
Phone:  434-293-4742


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